‘Bad Gear’ 2016 Monster Florence

British collective of rappers and musicians explode onto the hip-hop scene with undoubtedly their best EP release yet. Monster Florence, formed of Alex Osiris, Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice, Jonny Poole. Cameron Morrell and Tom Donovan, first appeared with the release of their debut EP ‘The Groove’ in early 2016. The EP ranked in the top five of the iTunes hip-hop chart. ‘Bad Gear’ their second EP, released at the end of 2016, has created a brand new hybrid of hip-hop sound. With punk and grime elements, ‘Bad Gear’ brings a sound to the UK hip-hop scene that is fresh, exciting and undeniably British.

Opener ‘Look Mum No Hands’ immediately sets the gritty tone of the Colchester based band. Featuring electric guitar riffs and the background sound of a street conversation, the track immediately opens the EP with a British explosion of sound. Followed by ‘Beautiful Death’, the band’s use of strong guitar backing and solos is made evident. With it’s soulful lyrics and gospel style backing singers, Monster Florence shows a completely different approach to hip-hop music which is present throughout the entire EP. Perhaps the most explosive track on ‘Bad Gear’ is the hit ‘Resourceful’. Opening with a menacing rhythm played on the keys, this eerie sounding track mixed with the hard lyrics from Essex rapper Dream Mclean set this track up to be a hit on the band’s newest release.

Other (equally excellent) tracks include the futuristic style ‘Branches’ and ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ which has clear British rock influences. As chanted in ‘Resourceful’: “…Monster, monster, everything is ours…” and sure enough, with more releases like this, Monster Florence will be taking the music industry by storm. Monster Florence is set to release their debut album ‘Foul’ in 2017.

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